$100 Giveaway: Where Do You Want to Spend Christmas?

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If you could bring your whole family anywhere for the holidays where would you go?

Tell us where you want to spend Christmas for a chance to win $100. To enter, just comment below.

Update: Congrats to Kathy! Her comment “I would love to just stay home and enjoy my family for Christmas. That would be such a treat.” was randomly selected!  

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141 Responses to $100 Giveaway: Where Do You Want to Spend Christmas?

  1. Peter says:

    I’d go to Fiji.

  2. Candy Darr says:

    Spend Christmas at “My Sweet Home Chicago”

  3. Jenn Smith says:

    I’d love to spend Christmas with my family just about anywhere as long as we could all be together in one place!!

  4. Corinne Amundsen says:

    Asheville, North Carolina,My hubby and I with our little dog want a white Christmas.

  5. john says:

    A snowy mountain skedaddle to Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead, CA. Play in the snow all day and cuddle around a warm fire in the evening with the family sounds ideal.

  6. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I’d love to spend my Christmas time with family in Vietnam

  7. Lisa Toste says:

    I would love to bring my whole family to Hawaii for Christmas as I’ve never been somewhere warm for the holidays.

  8. Heidi K. says:

    I want to spend Christmas in the beautiful state of Minnesota!

  9. I would use the money to help take my grandkids to go to the “snow country”, Colorado…

  10. JULIE ADAMS says:


  11. Kathy says:

    I would love to spend the holidays in the North Carolina mountains in a beautiful cabin surrounded by Christmas lights and snow…how perfect!

  12. Erik says:

    I would love for are family to spend the holidays at the warm beach in keywest.

  13. Anne Freeman says:

    Charleston SC or Savannah GA – We visited both this spring and would love to go back. Especially since it is currently 0* with a “feels like” temp of -14*….

  14. I want to spend Christmas with my sister in CT.

  15. Judith Smith says:

    Anywhere that there is snow to get in the holiday spirit.

  16. Irvin says:

    I want to spent it with my family in Krabi, Thailand..

  17. Val says:

    Maui or Kauai.

  18. Anyplace warm! Hawaii or Jamaica! Or maybe Chile!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  19. Joni Mason says:

    I want to spend Christmas in the Smokey Mountains. It’s only 2 hours away from where I live but I haven’t got to go in years. I hear the Christmas lights are amazing!!!
    Thank you SO much for the chance to win!!!

  20. Melissa Hartley says:

    I would love to spend Christmas in Europe somewhere .. like Sweden, Switzerland, or Germany :)
    I can always dream, right?


  21. Patricia Nolan says:

    In Florida with my sister and maybe visit Disney World!

  22. Aisha Holley says:

    I would spend it in the Philippines where my family is. They haven’t seen my kids and I’ve been away for 5 years now.

  23. devorah kaufmann says:

    I would love to spend a vacation with my husband and two daughters in Banff, Canadian Rockies. Banff is truly one of the worlds most beautiful places, and of course one of my favorites because that is where my husband proposed to me 6.5 yrs ago!

  24. Sheila A says:

    would love to spend Christmas in Bora Bora…lounging on a beach..ok so i would at least wear a santa hat LOL Merry Christmas!

  25. Tina W. says:

    Either Europe or New Zealand sound like a good place to spend the holiday.

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