2 Perfect Vacation Homes for the President-Elect

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Now that the little thing called the election has been settled, President-Elect Barack Obama is going to need a place to regroup when he’s not pouring over the financial crisis, two wars, alternative energy options and so on and so on.

Don’t all presidents have a second home? George Sr. had his Kennybunkport, Maine vacation home, while his son had the Crawford ranch. While the White House is an elegant lady whose halls have been walked by the finest dignitaries, somehow we doubt it’s a place where Sasha and Malia would feel comfortable jumping on their parents’ bed.

Here are a pair of vacation rentals in Luray, a Virginia getaway nestled in the Shenandoah Valley near D.C., where the Obama grils could let the dogs promised to them run wild.

Luray vacation cabin
This new log home near the Luray Caverns is definitely modest by presidential standards, but considering the state of the economy, it befits the mood of the times. The cute cabin stresses intimacy with its smallish rooms, stone fireplace, covered porch and hot tub. When the family tires of the White House kitchen, they can head here for home-cooked burgers on the grill and fun picnics under a private pavilion. Let’s assume someone else will be tasting their food first. What would make this even more perfect: A basketball court.

Luray vacation rental
So maybe the Obamas want to invite associates or extended family far away from the White House press corps. This is where they could take them. The five-bedroom beauty has a game room, open dining room, stone fireplace, hot tub with waterfall and two amazing covered porches that peep out to the Shenandoah Valley, a prime setting for bouncing his latest tax reform plan off his aides or relatives. Or not. Maybe it’s the place where Barack pens his next zinger of a speech by sunset.

Now wouldn’t that be a beautiful portrait.

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