3 Cities to Ring in the Chinese New Year

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And you thought the New Year’s party was over.

The Year of the Ox officially commences on Jan. 26, marking the first day of the Lunar New Year and weeks of celebrations for Chinese communities around the world.

Well there’s one destination that may be off your radar: Vancouver.

The Canadian city, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, has a large Chinese population and its own parade of lion dancers, fresh markets and authentic Cantonese and Mandarin kitchens. The neighborhood is within walking distance to this vacation apartment, which means you’ll easily work off those steamed dumplings, pork, duck, chicken or fish and other traditional eats meant to further your chances for prosperity in the new year.

And speaking of good fortune, the Canadian dollar just happens to be weaker than the American greenback. That means you’ll be getting this city chic space with mountain and skyline views, sleek furniture, plus a computer and Internet access for around $622 (as of publish time) a week.

If Vancouver is too far too travel, check out vacation rentals in San Francisco and vacation homes in Seattle, where celebrations are as lively as the firecrackers exploding around the signature dragons. Wherever you find yourself this Chinese New Year, may it be a sweet and auspicious 2009!

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