3 Hawaii Vacation Rentals to Fall for

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There’s always the one friend who picks exotic places to vacation: Russia, New Zealand, Dubai.

Then there’s you, who is lucky to get away to Florida once a year.

And for that, friend, we feel your pain.

This time, though, you’ll be the one envied, especially when your destination is Hawaii vacation rentals in the fall. While everyone and their cousins chose to take off in June, you strategically saved your PTO and vacay days for off-season, when the tourists are gone, and let’s face it: to gloat. Atagirl.

So don’t pack away that bikini just yet. Check out three Hawaii vacation homes worthy of an autumn adventure.

1. Property 12929 (linked to photo above)
Your birthday falls the weekend before Thanksgiving, and much to your surprise, your family is game for traveling to the Big Island. While we can’t guarantee cheap fares, the Kailua Kona Big Island Hawaii vacation rental pictured spreads the rental fee up to 15 ways (with space for 15 guests) at just $1,743 a week. Five bedrooms, multiple eating areas (including a dining and breakfast table plus picnic tables under a covered lanai) afford plenty of room for tuning out and watching the cruise ships sail by. Our favorite vanatage point: the 32-foot outdoor pool.

2. Property 34708
You’re going to a wedding in Kauai on 10-10-10. How clever of the bride and groom! And how clever of you and your beloved to snag this one-bedroom cottage on Kauai’s majestic North Shore, a redwood beauty with its own tandem kayak and hot tub. Seven days there, and you’ll feel like you’re on your honeymoon all over again.

3. Property 41557
You don’t ask for much: a clean beach, a comfy place to rest your head and scenery. Wait, and a little privacy, too. This Waimanalo Beach property has its past renters raving about its location (just 20 minutes from Honolulu and Waikiki), extras (boogie boards, snorkles, and pots and pans) and pristine coastline, a short walk from the house. “There is nothing like walking to an empty beach every morning and having good surfing just down the road,” said Kim of Burlington, Vt.

And a cup of Kona coffee to sweeten that stroll …

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