3 Hot Vacation Home Spots for Honeymooners

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If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten hitched on the beach–or at least honeymooned there. After hosting hundreds of friends and family at the wedding extravaganza, it would have been nice to retreat to remote sands just to focus on my groom. (Instead, we hopped from relative to relative, neighbor to neighbor around Ireland.)

As Mr. and Mrs., you want solitude, fruity cocktails and space far away from Uncle Joe and Aunt Chrissy. You want to get randy.

Perhaps it’s time to suggest a do-over in places catering to all my passions: the ocean, wine and food.

If you and the wifey could have been fish in your former lives, then Turks and Caicos is the ideal place to immerse yourselves in the big blue. Go scuba dving for close inspection of the coral reef, then escape to your Turks and Caicos vacation home for dinner, dessert and the proverbial hand-in-hand walk along that pristine white beach.

Wine and romance go together like red and velvet–the combo is pure rosy decadence. Why not start your lives together in a Wine Country vacation rental? After you stumble from vineyard to vineyard sampling the nectars of Napa and Sonoma, you’ll grow more fond of each other and possibly fall into bed with more stories and laughter, two ingredients to any lasting union.

A true test of any mate is being able to eat copious amounts of food–say pasta or a cowboy ribeye or both–in front of each other without hesitation. If you’re bashful at mealtime, you may as well call a divorce attorney because you’ll be sharing a lifetime of forkfulls together. Make the inaugural meal as husband a wife a memorable one by taking a trip to one of the food capitals of the world: Italy. Reserve a week in a Salerno vacation rental at the gate of the verdant Amalfi coast (known for its awe-inspiring cliffs, fresh Mediterranean seafood and lush wines) and suddenly feel like if you died right then and there, it wouldn’t matter.

This must be the honey in your moon.

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