3 ‘Keys’ to a Dream Vacation Home

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Sunday is National Margarita Day, which naturally (or maybe unaturally to you lovers of Mexico) made me think of Jimmy Buffett and the Florida Keys.

After all, wouldn’t you love to be wastin’ away again with your shaker and salt in a Keys vacation home? The crooner would certainly approve of these three beauties, which are listed in order of preference.

1. Key West vacation rental
This one had me at the deck, where sweet, unobstructed views of the Gulf and the Atlantic bringing sunrise and sunset to its visitors everyday. The two-bedroom home is halfway between Key West and Marathon in Venture Out Resort, a gated community that moves only as fast as the bocce balls rolling down the court. The owner assures that if there’s work to be done, renters can jump on the Internet via DSL, but surely you’ll have more pressing matters to consume your time. Like how to even out your tan.

2. Long Key vacation home
It’s hard to decide what’s more likeable: The canal-front patio or the rooftop deck. Either way, time would be well spent outside–with cocktail in hand–on the chaises or having dinner (I’ll take my grouper grilled, please.) with your party of 10. And how’s this for pimp factor? You can park your boat in front of the property as long as it’s less than 50 feet.

3. Marathon vacation home
No man is an island, but your digs can be. Yes, your very own private island. This three-bedroom diamond–with a price tag of $5,500 a week through the end of the year–sits on a coral reef. Water babies will love the snorkeling, diving and fishing access, but the hammock is all I’d need. One thing is certain: With 19 sliding glass doors and a 12-foot veranda, the home will always keep the salt air brushing against your sunkissed skin.

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