3 Musts for Your Florida Vacation Home

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If you’re a Florida vacation home owner, it’s easy to take your property for granted.

You think, people are going to automatically flock to the Sunshine State because of the warm weather and sunshine. And while that may be true for most of the year, even the folks in Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami had a cold spell this season so it’s possible that bookings have dipped as a result.

As we enter the ramp-up period that is spring break, it’s important to keep your posting as competitive as possible. Consider the three following tactics to attract renters–regardless of the mercury.

1. Make it family friendly.
It’s no secret that people default to Florida for Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, but proximity to those parks alone won’t be enough to convince that family of four to book your house. Now, if your home is equipped with all the extras, say, a Pack ‘N Play, highchair, stroller and swing set, you’ll better your chances of nabbing the McDowells.

2. For goodness sake, show us water.
Long before spring break, residents of land-locked states starve to frolic on yachts and in pools–indoor and outdoor–water parks and beaches. They’re like novelties. If you have a pool with built-in lanai, terrific. Although, even if it rains and you don’t have one, it’s doubtful than anyone would complain after enduring those long winters in Missouri.

3. Think tropical breezes and beaches …
and all those things that remind you of being on vacation in a hot climate. The featured rental above, for example, has an awesome tiki hut on its boat deck and killer swim-up bar in the pool. Wait, this is Florida, right, not Cozumel?

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