3 Not-so-Spooky Vacation Rentals

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Avoiding the spooky in haunted vacation spots can be tricky. Here are a few places that avoid the scary in terrifying locations.

Hotels are scary for lots of reasons: high prices, no kitchen, and hidden fees. But they are also pretty scary because of the movie The Shining. If you are visiting Estes Park, Colorado and want to avoid the totally haunted Stanley Hotel try this Estes Park vacation home with views of the mountains and lakes. Another bonus: Jack Nicholson won’t be trying to kill you.


The classic thriller Jaws was set in the beautiful vacation spot Martha’s Vineyard, but don’t let the suspenseful music stop you from having a great vacation. Check out this cute Martha’s Vineyard cottage which has absolutely no sharks! The property has great decor and is within walking distance of beaches, shops, and restaurants.


Camp is great on lots of occasions, except in the movie Friday the 13th. Didn’t really end up that great in that one. Instead of staying on a super spooky campsite in Northern New Jersey, try this much nicer cabin rental in Jackson, NJ. Six Flags is five minutes away, so you can have much safer adrenaline rushes.


Do you like these non-spooky vacation rentals? Which one do you want to go to most?


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  1. Elaine says:

    Send me to the mountains in Colorado!!

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