3 Reasons to Visit Vancouver Before the 2010 Olympics

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Vancouver, British Columbia won’t be on the global stage until winter 2010 when it hosts the Winter Olympics, but that shouldn’t stop folks from scoping out the landscape well before the Italian slalom team hits the slopes. Before the crowds flood this city that earned the title Best City in the Americas by Conde Nast Traveler, a mini getaway may be just what you need to firm up your decision on whether to attend the games.

Wouldn’t you agree? Canada is like the neighbor down the street you always plan to visit, but never do because of the proximity. You tell yourself, One day, I’ll make it there. Just not now.

On the other side of that, to the property owners in Vancouver: Take a cue from those inauguration vacation home owners and get in on the game now before it’s too late. To date, just 10 vacation rentals are listed on this site, but hopefully the options expand to provide Olympic visitors alternatives other than a cramped hotel room.

Travelers, consider the following arguments for taking off to Vancouver:

1. The American dollar is stronger.
It makes good fiscal sense to visit a country where your own currency yields more bang for your buck. This waterfront vacation condo is $900 a week, or $1,084 Canadian dollars. Use that extra dinero you would be spending on a pricier hotel for sampling the city’s nightlife, restaurants and shopping.

2. If you are planning on attending the Winter Games, it’s better to be familiar with the landscape.
Say you want to take family. A hotel would probably suit your loved ones just fine, but could you cook your own food there or explore the city from the local perspective? Probably not. This vacation home answers both needs. It’s situated in trendy Kitsilano, a hip, yet kid-friendly neighborhood close to theaters, boutiques and food.

3. If you don’t like Vancouver, you can try Quebec or any other place in Canada the next time.
Maybe you find that the city is too buzzing for you. Perhaps a Quebec City vacation chalet is more your speed. At least you’ll know, and you won’t have to worry about being stuck with the tab for the Czech Republic’s ice hockey team.

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