3 Tips for Flying with Toddlers

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We are in the middle of winter which means everyone is trying to fly someplace warm. But who would want to travel without their little bundle of joy? (My guess, a lot of people!) If you are planning on flying with your munchkin anytime soon check out these tips:

1. Book your Flight with the Kiddie in Mind

Booking the flight is often the easiest part of planning a trip. But knowing you will have a toddler in tow, means you should take a little extra time. Racing through the terminals with a half folded stroller isn’t really what you imagined from a Caribbean vacation on the beach, is it? Spend some extra cash on a nonstop flight and avoid the regular rush hour flights. That means go very early in the morning or later in the afternoon/ night.


2. Soothe Ear Popping

The solution to ear popping for an adult can be as easy as grabbing a pack of gum at the convenience store before your flight. Sadly, it’s not so easy for tots. For younger toddlers try a sippy cup or bottle with water or milk. Swallowing regulates ear pressure which can ease a lot of the pain for your young one. If you toddler is on the older side bring snacks that are yummy and entertaining: granola bars, dried fruit, and string cheese.


3. Wear Them Out Before the Flight

Before you are stuck in a small, stuffy cabin for hours play some active games with your toddler that involve plenty of jumping, skipping, and laughing. Some airports have play areas for you and the little one to enjoy before boarding. With a super fun preflight workout you might only be hearing Zzz’s on the flight.

After the flight you can just spend some quality time with your family on this beach in the Bahamas.



Sounds good to me! Do you have any other tips on flying with toddlers? Tell us what has worked for you!


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