3 Vacation Homes for Solo Travelers

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In the vacation home world, one group often gets lost in media coverage: Those who fly solo.

Whether you’re on business or getting ready to “backpack” around Europe, vacation apartments provide an economical alternative in these troubled times. All the little extras in a hotel room are great, but seriously, how much sense does it make it to spend $6.50 on a bottle of Evian just because it was left out for you? And those little soaps and shampoos are cute, too, but unless they’re high-end products, do they really get much use beyond your vacation?

Contemplate these points when you’re engaging in your suspicious single behavior, which could include any one of the following: A)Warming up last-night’s burritos for breakfast B)Waxing your facial hair C)Checking your Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts obsessively–as many as five times within the hour.

1. Amsterdam vacation home
Any landlord who leaves flowers on the table AND Heineken in the fridge is someone who deserves respect. This is Amsterdam, after all, so what’s a vacation without a little booze? Just be careful when climbing up that ladder to go to bed. Don’t drink and climb.

2. San Francisco vacation home
When traveling solo, you begin to appreciate all those buddies who schlepped you all over town, putting miles on their odometers and never once asking for gas money. When without, count on the next best things: Buses and trains. This Castro apartment is close to Castro and Market streets near public transit, giving you easy access to other neighborhoods like Haight-Ashbury, Noe Valley, Cole Valley and downtown. While the kitchenette is definitely built for one, that shower looks big enough for a group. Don’t get any ideas.

3. Brooklyn vacation home
This Fort Greene apartment is your answer to anonymity, if that’s what you seek. The home–in a beautiful brownstone near the The Brooklyn Academy of Music–isn’t the sardine box you’d pay triple for on the Upper East Side. There’s an actual bedroom, full-sized stove, couch, patio and yard. The train is just one block away, leading to the sea of strangers that is Manhattan. See. It isn’t so bad to travel solo. You’re never really alone.

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