3 Vacation Homes for Spring Break

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Believe it or not: It’s almost that time.

T-minus two months until spring break–and you snowbirds couldn’t be more ready for it. Because only locals of cold climates can fully appreciate temperatures that don’t necessitate the need for hand lotion at all times and a jacket that looks like a down comforter.

Seasonal affective disorder?

You bet.

But don’t be SAD. Find yourselves a vacation rental by the beach stat. You need to thaw out.

For college students into the club thang
Thanks to MTV, spring break has become synonymous with bare-chested Chads and juicy Trixies drinking Coronas on hotel balconies with the hip-hop music blasting. Well you kids need to take that party out of Holiday Inn and to the clubs–head to South Beach. The Riviera of the East Coast has a way of making everyone feel like they’re young, sculpted and a VIP–regardless of what kind of car you drive. To save money for those cover charges, rent this vacation apartment in an exclusive neighborhood: Sofi, or south of Fifth. You’ll feel like a baller–even if next week you have to go back to eating Subway sandwiches.

For spring breakers with only one thing in mind
You know the type–those girls and guys who spend sunrise to sunset baking in the sun. They’re the ones flipping over several times an hour like a hamburger patty just to get the proper ratio of bronze to flesh or  playing frisbee and beach volleyball right in front of the plot where you planted your gorgeous self. Well this lovely Siesta Key vacation condo has direct beachfront access, along with bike rentals and water sports activities nearby. With those distractions, there’s enough water and beach to make everyone happy.

For families
Nope, we didn’t forget you mommies, daddies and kiddies. Why should singletons have all the fun? Book this San Diego vacation home for its proximity to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland California and more family-friendly gems. Or you could just relax, build sandcastles and watch the whales and dolphins from your very own backyard.

Wherever you land this spring break, come back kissed by the sun.

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