3 Ways to Book Your Florida Vacation Rentals This Fall

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It’s fall. What better time to pick apples, go on hayrides and sit around the campfire?

For owners of New England vacation rentals, it’s a no-brainer: Sell your seasonal fruits.

Owners of Florida vacation rentals, meanwhile, have more of a challenge. But aha, Sunshine State landlords, that’s where you have it wrong. With the right marketing, that Sarasota vacation home doesn’t have to sit vacant. Here’s how to entice folks to your property:

1. Push only-in-Florida experiences.
Your guests might go to the same apple orchard every year, but have they ever swam with dolphins–in November? And while that Cape Cod clam chowder is tasty, even better is the fresh grouper caught off the Atlantic Coast. And let’s not forget the Florida nightlife via South Tampa, downtown Orlando, Key West and South Beach. From beach dive bars to high-end hotel bars, you can sip your cocktails by the water.

2. Throw in freebies.
Whether you’re a frequent flier or once-a-season road tripper, the incidentals add up, from gas to dinners out. Be the gracious host with a gift certificate to local restaurants (or games–hello, LeBron, Dwayne and Chris) or a one-day pass to a nearby theme park. If you’re feeling super generous, offer the ultimate hookup: a night’s stay with a booking of three.

3. Package deals for snowbirds, singles and seniors.
Those three demos are often forgotten in Vacationville, but trust us, they’ll thank you for creating incentives just for them. Maybe it’s a discount for visiting during holidays, a percentage off for customers 65 and older or girlfriends’ getaway package with a free limo ride. Whatever clientele you have in mind, those specials have the power to build loyalty in first-time renters. If they enjoy your home so much, they’ll warm up to the idea of making a return trip come spring and summer, when the Sunshine State really shines.

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