3 Ways to Win at Valentine’s Day

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ways to win at valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is here and being unprepared is a scary thought. You can imagine the disappointed sigh coming from your significant other when they open up a wrinkled CVS bag with a melting candy bar and some chapstick. Here are a few tips that might save your butt this Valentine’s Day.

Get Cooking

Going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is just asking for trouble. Reservations and crowded restaurants aren’t nearly as romantic as a simple dinner at home by candlelight. If you aren’t so sure of your cooking skills try take out. Better to recognize your inability to cook now, rather than holding your love’s hair back while you realize that the chicken probably shouldn’t have been that pink.


This one is pretty obvious to me, but not everyone is aware of the magical properties of chocolate. A box of chocolates is brilliant and can quickly turn your Valentine’s Day from a bust to a triumph! If your sweetheart doesn’t like chocolate you can always go for the traditional flower choice, but they better have a pretty good excuse for not liking chocolate.

Vacation.. duh.

It’s strange to have to explain this one, but vacations are the best gift ever. Setting up a romantic weekend away is an awesome way to show you really care.

The hardest thing is picking where. The mountains or the city? This Pigeon Forge vacation home is the epitome of a great cabin getaway. This one bedroom cabin has awesome views of the mountains and forests. Plus, the bedroom has a jacuzzi that overlooks it all!

pigeon forge vacation cabin romantic

If you want to spend some time in the city, this Zen San Diego loft could be the solution. The floor plan is almost as hot as the temperatures in San Diego in February.

zen san diego apartment rental

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Where would you want to go?


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3 Responses to 3 Ways to Win at Valentine’s Day

  1. Michelle Turner says:

    This year it will be our 20th Wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, we eloped on this special day and since then we celebrate our Annitine. :)

  2. Betty Reardean says:

    My brother passed away on Valentine’s Day, 1995. Valentine’s Day has been a very sad day for me since then. This year I have someone special to share the day with and it would be wonderful to take a vacation together.

  3. Shawn Justice says:

    I work in food and beverage, so my Valentine’s Day is always spent serving others on this special day so they can have a good time. Also my son was born on Valentine’s Day 21 years ago. Would love a Valentine getaway with my hubby, we haven’t celebrated us in a long, long time

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