3 Workouts for a Beach Ready Body

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It’s been a rough winter and I can’t wait for the hot summer sun. But with summer also comes the dreaded bathing suit, which has wiggled it’s way to the back of our minds and our dresser drawers. I met up with some friends this weekend and none of us can wait for the warm weather, but we can definitely wait to show off our arms, stomaches, and legs. Here are three simple workouts to start in spring. By summer we’ll be ready to shed off the sweaters and welcome the bikinis.

beach body workout routine

1. Get the Arms Ready with Gallon Curls

Who knew the path to toned arms was sitting in your fridge!? A gallon jug filled with water weighs 8 pounds. Try 12 bicep curls in a set with a few repetitions everyday and you’ll be on your way to Michele Obama arms.


2. Toned Legs with Wall Sits

One of my favorite activities is sitting (I’m doing it right now)! Why not take the skill I already have mastered and take away the chair and add a wall. What happens? Toned legs and some exhaustion. Try holding a wall sit for 20 seconds and work your way up to a minute. To get the form right check out this wall sit video.


3. Summer-Ready Abs with the Boat Pose

I’m a huge yoga fan and this pose is the perfect combination of balance and belly fat burning. This boat pose tutorial will turn your stomach into a set of abs. And who knows, maybe this summer you can show off your new abs and moves on a boat.


How are you getting ready for summer? Which work out do you like best? Do you have any better ones?



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6 Responses to 3 Workouts for a Beach Ready Body

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  2. This is one of the best type of warming excercise and it makes to peoples very relaxation feeling by doing this klind of Beach Workout….

  3. Yeah this is perfect one for warmup with in beach are. need to do that.

  4. HMM! Nice sharing with us , Everyone wanted to know abut this for thier healthy beach timing and make them perfect result.

  5. Mike H. says:

    I like to do push ups and have been using the perfect push-up lately which definitely is a better tool to get more results

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