5 Best U.S. Cities to Ring in the New Year

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Long after the last sequin has popped off your mini dress and those shots of Patron have exited your bloodstream, a welcome way to kick off 2010 would be vacation-style, preferably close to a jacuzzi or lagoon-style pool. Shoot, in January, any pool is a treat–even an indoor one.

But rather than the aftermath of what will surely be a wild night, let’s focus on the five best American cities that know how to party. When that clock strikes 12, would you rather be anywhere else?

1. Miami Beach, Fla.
The American Riviera is a DJ- and celeb magnet year-round, and you better believe it will be again on NYE. SOBE Live brings hip-hop heavyweight Busta Rhymes and DJ Griot. Feel every bit the South Beach playboy in a Miami Beach vacation rental at the Alexander Hotel (pictured), which allows you to split the nightly bill for a rate significantly deeper than that premium open bar ticket. Chase that hangover the following afternoon with a poolside pina colada.

2. Las Vegas
If 2009 was less than lucky, kiss its sorry butt goodbye in the Sin City. If your schedule is tight (meaning, you have to go back to work on Monday), there’s no better vacation destination for 72 hours of mania, perhaps starting with a pre-game in a Las Vegas vacation rental followed by a casino hop, club tour and buffet crawl.

3. Los Angeles
Fess up. You don’t watch “The Hills” for its depiction of the real lives of struggling professionals in Hollywood. And while the faux drama is fun, the featured locations shine brighter than any pink lip gloss on Audrina Patridge’s lips. Katsuya. Les Deux. Winstons. XIV. Maybe it’s time that you and your entourage step out to Hollywood for New Year’s Eve. Not to self: Don’t get into a catfight with Jayde. That girl crazy.

4. Dallas
Everything is bigger in Texas, especially on the last night of the year. Arrange for a four-course finale meal in the elegant Mansion on Turtle Creek or skip dinner and go straight to shots at the Old Red Museum of Dallas County, a fete that joins nine other U.S. cities via Internet streams and ESPN for a true party in the U.S.A. And a Britney song was on, and a Britney song was on …

5. Atlanta
If you paid $200 for open bar and passed hors d’oeuvres at a snazzy hotel, good for you, but we’d rather be at a neighborhood hang. If you’re looking for a low-key celebration, head to indie spot Star Community Bar, where the PBR will be flows and the rockers jam. When the sun comes up, you’ll be happy that you chose an Atlanta vacation home to explore the city’s off-the-radar neighborhoods. You hipster, you.

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