5 Great Vacation Chalets on a Dime

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To the vacation home owner concerned about the deep discounts that hotels are offering to goose their business, two words: Don’t be.

Your property is still likely to offer more value for the space and your would-be renters should know that if they start poking around the Internet. Still, because all this great information is available online, it’s crucial to price your listing competitively for the market. Discounts are here to stay for a while, which may hurt your ego a little bit, but you’ll get over it. If those lines at Black Friday sales say anything about Americans, it’s that we’re all wiser for finding the right deals for our budget, which ultimately makes everyone feel a little better about their purchases.

Renters, here are five cute chalets that won’t cost a fortune.

1. Lummi Island vacation chalet
This artsy vacation home looks out to glorious Mt. Baker, Hales Passage , Portage Island and Bellingham Bay. With your honey by your side, it will make the perfect romantic getaway. ($89-$129 a night)

2. North Carolina vacation chalet
One of the many reasons to love this chalet in the Smoky Mountains: The amazing great room with true cathedral ceilings, beautiful woodwork and an expansive stone fireplace. The kitchen is no relic from the 1950s. You’ll be cooking your pies in a stainless steel gas stove. ($90 a night)

3. Pocono Lake vacation chalet
If you’re looking for what to do with those use-it-or-lose-it PTO or sick days to burn before the end of the year, consider reserving a midweek night at this Pocono Lake vacation chalet when it costs just $100. (Weekends are $225 a night.) Besides all the great skiing nearby, there’s outlet shopping at The Crossings, convenient for taking advantage of the pre- or post-holiday sales.

4. Tennessee vacation chalet
Even in peak season, a stay at Angel Loft only costs $119 a night. What? Yes, the A-framed getaway is easy on the pocket, close to the Cherokee National Forest, Lost Sea, Sequoyah Birthplace Museum and Orr Winery and roomy enough for nine people.

5. Maine vacation chalet
After New Year’s, January is usually a big letdown for many of us. The parties have stopped, the gifts have been opened and the winter has set in. It doesn’t have to be gloomy, though. This Maine vacation chalet is going “on sale” for $650 a week for the whole month. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom Boyden Lake jewel is stylishly decorated boasting a flatscreen TV perches about a gas fireplace built with large stones. Have your breakfast on the granite bar and coffee on the wraparound porch that overlooks the water.

You see, friends, with deals this good, being thrifty pays.

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