5 Reasons to Book a Colorado Cabin Rental for the Holidays

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It’s almost time to start making your list and checking it twice, and maybe start nixing the frivolous purchases of the past. (Does every relative require a Hallmark limited edition ormanent? Come on now.)

Besides, experience gifts are all the rage. Haven’t you heard? Presents that will have the recipient asking, “Why did I never do this before?” Like smelling a Colorado Aspen for the first time, and maybe even cutting down his first Christmas tree.

Or heck, why not skip the iPod stocking stuffers and go on vacation together? Let me count the reasons for spending the yule in a Colorado cabin rental.

1. Because cabins mean fireplaces, roasting marshmallows, wearing obnoxious snowmen and reindeer sweaters, and perhaps catching a glimpse of reindeer in real life.

2. Because you’ll likely be skiing, too. You’ll need to after the green bean casserole, sage sausage stuffing and fudge log cakes.

3. Because if you’re going to be stuck with your relatives–all 20 of them–it may as well be in an eight-bedroom house complete with a pool table, hot tub, bar and multiple flatscreens. Just think of all the joy you’ll have when battling over who gets the last Wii control.

4. Because it will most likely be a White Christmas. (Stranger things have happened, but I’d wager my third born that there will be snow somewhere in Colorado in December.)

5. Does a Christmas tree get any more beautiful when lit inside a log cabin?

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