5 Tips For Your Family Trip to Disney World

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It’s every kid’s dream to go to Disney World and if it isn’t planned correctly it can be a parent’s nightmare. Disney is a magical place full of great rides, amazing characters, and a total of 47 million people annually. Here are five tips on getting the most out of your trip to Disney World:

disney world pool property

1. Arrive an hour before the park opens

Disney World often opens earlier than the open time. If you get there early you not only will be first in line, but also get a chance at some valuable quiet park time.

2. Go off season or at least during the week

If your family has a flexible schedule, try going off season. For Disney World this means end of January to  the end of March or the end of August to the end of October. If you can’t manage to go during the off season, plan your week the opposite of the crowds. Try going to Epcot at the beginning of the week and the Magic Kingdom at the end.

3. Find a family vacation rental that fits your family and your budget

A home rental is a great call for lodging when visiting Disney World. You get your own kitchen (and often times pool). Taking a step back from everything Disney can help you and your family stay sane! Look at these properties in the Disney Area for some ideas. You can filter by bedrooms, price, and pools! The Disney property in the photo above is only two miles away from the park and has four bedrooms.

4. Try the FastPass

The FastPass ticket lets you save your spot in line without waiting there. The FastPass ticket let’s you walk around the park for an hour before you have to return to get your spot in line. Brilliant, isn’t it?!

5. Plan the Rides during the Parades

On any given day at Disney World there can be 13 parades. Wait for these parades to hit the big rides that always have massive lines. Hopefully this technique will get you closer to the front.


Do you have any tips for doing Disney World? Share them with us!


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  1. My son Wife and granddaughter plan on going to Disney next year! Any help would be appreciated on deals rides motel or all inclusive!?

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