5 Tricks for Enhancing Your Florida Vacation Home

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You’ve suddenly been dealt a few cancellations. Your regulars decided to go West this year, leaving your Florida vacation rentals vacant for a couple of weeks in July and August.

What can you do to make your home more attractive to summer vacationers?

Here are five tips that will bring your property up from just pass to irresistible status.

1. Spruce up the photos.
If it’s been awhile since you last took pictures, prospective renters can tell. Red flags: seasonal decorations like Christmas lights or pesky date stamps that appear in the bottom right hand corner. Show customers that you’re keeping up with your listing by uploading vivid, descriptive photos of the interior and exterior to help them make an educated decision.

2. Throw in some tickets.
Consumers heart incentives–they almost expect them during this down economy. If your vacation home is close to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, for example, it would be nice to greet your guests with tickets. Who knows? The money they would have spent on admission to the park may be used for an extra night at your house.

3. Arrange VIP amenities.
The owner of the featured Bradenton vacation rental goes as far as offering to to set up weekly maid service, limousine transport, private chefs and shuttles to and from the airport. (Call or email for prices.)

4. Consider a last-minute deal.
While people are spending less, you don’t have to give your property away. A stay-for-four-nights, get-the-fifth-free would also entice, as would an early bird or late summer special for those not bound to a school calendar.

5. Keep the house stocked with toys.
Chances are, renters are eyeballing your house due to its ample space. The kids need to spread out. They also need to play so keep a pantry or garage full of extras at the ready, including board games, bikes, helmets, boogie boards and pool noodles. Your North Dakota renters will thank you.

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