5 Vacation Homes for a Low-Key New Year’s Eve

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If the idea of fronting a $100 cover charge, $400 sequin cocktail dress, $150 tuxedo rental and $500 limo rental puts you off New Year’s Eve celebrations, then maybe it’s time to consider the chiller alternative: renting a vacation home.

When split among friends, vacation rentals can be a cheaper, more relaxed way to ring in 2009. Bring your own booze. Cook your own food. Play the music at the volume you like. No dealing with finding a cab at 4 a.m. because you’re already home. The next day, you can look forward to hanging out all over again or exploring your environs, whether you’re in a Key West vacation villa or Oregon vacation home.

In the midst of an economic meltdown, a flashy, spendy night of bottle service seems inappropriate anyway. Keep it real with friends at these five vacation homes:

1. Indian Shores vacation condo
The words “recession special” are very powerful in these times, and good marketing on the owner’s part. A week’s stay at this vacation rentals sets renters back just $695.

2. Orlando vacation townhouse
When it comes to New Year’s Eve festivities, parents with little ones get the shaft unless they’re been invited to a house party. Most folks have tucked the kids in and retired themselves long before the clock struck midnight. This year, spend quality time at this Orlando townhouse, where you can swim in a heated pool and teach your kids the fine art of air hockey.

3. Wine Country vacation home
What isn’t more relaxing than indulging in a bottle of wine? Sure, you can do that in your home, but wouldn’t it be nicer in Wine Country? More than 100 wineries are within 10 to 15 minutes of the adorable Northwoods Lodge, where you’re sure to lounge on a chaise by the Russian River and ponder over the nose and body of your locally sourced vino.

4. Playa del Carmen vacation villa
This private villa has tons going for it: A private pool, rooftop terrace and hammock off the master bedroom and lovely location next to the beach. Any badness associated 2008 will surely be forgotten while you’re snoozing on the hammock while the turquoise waters of the Caribbean lap onto shore.

5. Las Vegas vacation home
Wild nights and Vegas go together like burgers and greasy fries, but this grand villa was meant for enjoying the party at home. It sleeps 18, the ultimate escape for a family reunion, intimate wedding (which is suggested on the listing in the courtyard) or casual friend’s gathering. The strip twinkles in the background, but you won’t be missing the casinos when you’re chilling in the home theater equipped with Dolby surround sound or relaxing on the patio. The home also boast concierge services to set up spa appointments for reiki, yoga and hynotherapy for your whole party. That’s it: Usher in all the positive chi for 2009.

We all need it.

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