5 Vacation Homes for the Perfect Proposal

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It’s that time of year when boyfriends learn the four c’s–cut, carat, color and clarity–and start orchestrating the proposal of dreamlike proportions. Or so their ladies hope.

Guys, we’ve made it easy for you. Here are five fantasy settings for delivering the question right. Here’s to your happily ever after.

1. Costa Rica vacation villa
The infinity pool here seems to drip into nowhere,  an ideal backdrop for falling on bending knee. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous to pledge your lifelong love at the rail, in full view of the azure pool and ocean? We can hear her now, sharing her proud moment to envious friends about Manuel Antonio.

2. Sea Ranch vacation chalet
“Have you dreamed of a romantic getaway, where the soft whisper of the ocean lulls you to sleep, and the gentle call of birds wakes you in the morning?” is the opening description to this listing. Let’s add a few more teasers: A garden gazebo, expansive decks with views of the Sonoma coastline, three fireplaces … need we say more?

3. Dominican Republic vacation rental
The “House of the Mermaids” comes with a kidney-shaped pool, four verandas, marble floors, Cofresi Beach and best of all, Teresa, the resident housekeeper and cook who will prepare that romantic meal so that you can focus on popping the question instead of burning the halibut.

4. Mexico vacation homes
The five colonial homes comprising Les Jardins de Merida in the historic center of Merida in Yucatan, Mexico, suit the couple with a taste for off-the-radar vacation spots and privacy. The restored homes, done in burnt siennas and mustards, are the kind of spaces you might whisk your girlfriend away to, only to return a year later for a ceremony or honeymoon. Each villa houses six guests, a lovely setting for a small affair.

5. Scotland vacation home
Ireland gets a lot of love, probably too much, but don’t discount the Scottish Highlands for the story you tell your grandchildren about how grandpa and grandma got engaged. This charming B&B is exactly the place you two should be getting closer. Ask her to be Mrs. MacArthur on the beach on Moray Firth, then have a celebratory glass of wine or whiskey by the fireplace. Repeat the practice every year until your hair is silver, your hands are wrinkled and those wedding bands become cherished family heirlooms.

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