5 Ways to Winterize Your California Vacation Rental

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Property owners, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your listing.

Is it stuck in the wrong season? Is your posting riddled with photos of people water skiing or golfing in shorts? Yep, it may be time for a makeover.

With the right “staging,” your lovely little getaway can be billed as the perfect ski bunnies’ retreat or Christmas cabin. Remember: Even Floridians need a break from 80 degrees.

To properly winterize, say, your California vacation rental, think like a prospective tenant.

What would you  associate with the season?

1. In cold-weather climates, tenants look for places to play in the snow. Think skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. If your property is near a ski resort, by all means, say specifically how close your home is, as the owner of the Big Bear Lake vacation rental does above.

2. If you have any photos of the property dressed up for the holidays, upload them. Who can resist a fully lit, 16-foot Fraser Fir in all its yuletide glory?

3. Show off that hot tub in photos. Folks who endure subzero temps will be grateful for the soothing jet action after taking their muscles to their limits on the slopes.

4. Ditto for fireplaces, and by all means, make sure there’s fire in the photos. A stone-surround fireplace is gorgeous and all, but even more brilliant when lit with logs. The only thing missing there is a family in reindeer sweaters sipping hot cocoa.

5. When the season is over, change the “linens” with new images that are appropriate to the time. Keeping the listing fresh reminds renters that you’re a conscientious business owner who tends to his properties and cares about the customer experience. An absentee landlord is like the neighbor who refuses to take down his Christmas lights–in February. Come on already.

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