6 Babymoon Destinations Parents-To-Be Will Adore

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As magical and precious as pregnancy is, many expecting parents savor those last two or three months of freedom, knowing full well how much their lives are about to change. That’s why many couples choose to go on one last big adventure to reconnect with each other, before their family gains a new member. Babymoons come in all shapes and sizes, with vacation ideas for every style of couple, all of which also cater to the comfort of the mother-to-be. Check out our 6 babymoon destinations that any parent-to-be will adore:


Give into Crazy Cravings in Anguilla

Image via Flickr by aturkus

Image via Flickr by aturkus

At certain points in your pregnancy, generally after the 35th week, you’ll want to stick closer to home. Before that, feel free to explore the outer reaches by taking a trip to the British West Indies. Anguilla is a favorite among the stars, but it’s also filled with hot spots and rentals that cater to your growing family. The restaurants will do more than pamper you, they’ll give into your every whim—even if you have a sudden craving for shrimp cocktail mixed with ice cream or Hawaiian pizza covered with caramel syrup.

Even better, you’ll definitely get to relax. In fact, with access to cashmere sands and flawless turquoise waters, you’ll relax in the very lap of luxury. The temperate weather will keep mom comfortable even in the midst of a wicked hot flash, and dad can have fun fishing, surfing, kiteboarding, or simply catering to the expectant missus.


Live the High Life in New Orleans

image via Flickr byJim Nix/ Nomadic Pursuits

image via Flickr by Jim Nix/ Nomadic Pursuits

If you’re from the states, there are loads of opportunities for babymoon destinations nearby. Many couples enjoy one last wild hurrah, so they choose to go to busy, bustling metropolises such as New York City, or even LA. For a slower pace that still has plenty of party spirit, take yourself, your partner, and your upcoming bundle to another LA: Louisiana, and New Orleans specifically.

Look for lavish rentals in one of those gorgeous, historical districts. Try the French Quarter for a truly authentic experience, or indulge in some living history in the lush, thriving Garden District, where you’ll enjoy a genteel, decadent getaway.

When you’re in the mood for a risqué night, a simple stroll along Bourbon Street will get you in the spirit. You can also spend time winding down in one of the stunning squares, sipping on decaf café au lait and munching on perfect baguettes. In the evenings, head to a blues show or cabaret, and in the mornings simply sleep in.


Have a Palm Beach Pampering Party

Image via Flickr by milan.boers

Image via Flickr by milan.boers

Experiencing the Florida heat during the last months of your pregnancy is the most relaxing reprieve you can imagine. While there are several happening hot spots, such as Miami and Orlando, Palm Beach is great for pampering. Filled with boutique shops and exquisite cuisine, you can enjoy all the fun without the frenetic energy. Here the vibe is a little slower, which is ideal for those last moments as a twosome.

The beaches alone are a huge draw, because what’s better than lounging on the sand with a virgin daiquiri by your side? Since exercise is excellent when you’re expecting, you can even talk your partner into going dancing with you night after night. You’ll have the chance for a lie-in the next morning, and you should sleep late whenever you can, while you’re still able.


Capture Native Culture in Jackson Hole

image via Flickr by travelswithkim

image via Flickr by travelswithkim

A visit to Wyoming might not seem exotic, but it’s the perfect vacation destination for a nature loving family. Jackson Hole is rich with culture, history, and pure natural beauty. The vibe is comfy, homey, and always welcoming, so the locals will embrace you like one of their own—you won’t want for anything in Jackson Hole.

In between learning about local Native American history and culture, you can also take in nearby Yellowstone. Maybe you can even plan for the day when you’ll return with the baby. If you really want to experience nature and are not too far along, however, plan to hike around the Tetons, which are some of the most beautiful, rugged mountains in the state.


Linger in Languor by Visiting London

image via Flickr by TJ Morris

image via Flickr by TJ Morris

If you’re in the market for a trendy kind of vacation, it’s time to hop the pond. Look for authentic rentals and flats that will make you feel like a London local, if only for a week or two. Languish in Royal Greenwich, cool Kensington, or book a spot near iconic Trafalgar Square. Wherever you stay, you’ll love being surrounded by posh shops, colorful markets, cool pubs, and hip, trendy people.

Take a trip to Big Ben or set eyes on the Royal Jewels between taking a stroll along the magnificent Millennium Bridge. There are museums, high teas, breakneck bus trips, and so many hidden corners and alleyways to explore. The food is wholesome and hearty, the history is rich, and you really can’t beat all those charming accents.


Rekindle Your Romance the Parisian Way

Image via Flickr by tijmengombert

Image via Flickr by tijmengombert

What can’t you do in Paris when you travel there for a lavish babymoon? The locale is low-key but still incredibly indulgent. You’ll get the chance to dine on exquisite French cuisine, and though you might have to give the wine a miss, you’ll still tempt your palate with plenty of delicacies. But while the food in Paris is top-notch, you’ll spend most of your time on the go.

It’s a perfect time to see all those amazing attractions, after all. Rekindle your romance underneath the Eiffel Tower, or explore the sprawling corridors of the Louvre. Because there are ample ways to travel, you can easily take a few days from your rental space to head to the countryside, or even take the train to London or Belgium. It’s like three babymoon destinations in one.


What babymoon destination appeals to you? If you could travel anywhere in the world for your babymoon, where would you go?


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