6 Surprising Reasons You WANT to Take Your Inlaws on Vacation

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Grandparents can make the family vacation experience easier than you could ever image. While a week or two of in-laws might make some couples shudder, consider what vacation will really be like with The Grands.


Early mornings: Both the young and the old tend to get up at the crack of dawn. Let grandma toast the bagels and take them on a beach walk while you sleep in.

If you’re considering Key Largo for the gorgeous sunsets, here’s a prime example. This home has space for 16 guests and is even wheel chair accessible. Leave the sunrises for your in-laws to enjoy while you stay cozy in the master suite. Two queen suites mean plenty of room for them as well.



Have an adult conversation: How long has it been since you and your mate have had a real adult conversation. One not about the kids, not about the sitter, not about getting home because it’s a school night. A real adult conversation. Leave them with their grandparents and take a night out.


Let’s do Lunch: Let Grandpa make lunch. His “famous” turkey sandwich is worth a million dollars when you aren’t feeding the brood. Picky eaters tend to like anything he makes anyway. Save yourself the trouble.

This vacation home in Hilton Head is perfect for lining them little ones up for a feeding. The gourmet kitchen is perfectly equipped with a breakfast bar. Two king suites, two queens, suites, and a private pool also make for beach side luxury.

Hail the Afternoon Nap: Have you ever wished your tween would go back to the toddler days of taking a nice 2 hour midday nap? Well, getting up early and being busy with the grands, followed by a hefty lunch will have your growing children out in the afternoon.


Earn Brownie Points: Want to makeup for that faux pas from 8 Christmases ago? Taking Nana and Pops away with the kiddies will have you comfortably in their favor once more.


Better Behavior: Gran and Pap-Pap create a completely different energy dynamic. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reduction in whining, complaining, and asking for something different.

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