6 Ways to Improve Your Guest Experience

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Summer is upon us, but there are still plenty of ways to make your guests’ vacation the best they’ve ever had.  Sometimes it only takes a small amount of effort to go the extra mile. Here are a few ideas you could implement to create a 5 star vacation experience.


1 Update tourist information

I’ve stayed in many vacation rentals and often find it mildly irritating that the tourist brochures and leaflets date back several years. Attractions may have changed their rates or even closed down, and any event dates will not be current. Tourist information is generally free, so head off to your nearest local tourism center and collect the latest material.  Don’t forget to supply lots of maps.

2 Communicate event details

Let your guests know in advance of any local events that may interest them. Don’t wait until they arrive to tell them there is a local festival that has a dress-up contest for the kids. About a week before each set of guests are due, send them a list of what’s going on in the area, places they might like to visit, and the web addresses they could visit to get more information.

3 Include a children’s indoor station

A way to help moms out on a rainy day is to supply craft materials for the kids. I do this in my own cottage and it’s a great success. Buy a three or four drawer tote from an office supply store and fill it with colored paper, stickers, crayons & markers along with any other crafty stuff you can think of.  It’s a little extra work, but the feedback is great! A creative vacation rental owner passed on a tip to supply a chest or box with a bunch of dress-up clothes and shoes for kids to use. Isn’t that fun? Having activities ready for the kids can turn a rainy day into a great day.

4 List all satellite TV channels

Make it easy for guests to find their favourite TV channel by creating and laminating a list. It can be quite daunting if faced with half a dozen remotes, so make sure there are clear instructions on how to turn the devices on and off.

5 Welcome guests online

If you provide internet access and have a web site, consider creating a special page/pages on your site that can be accessed by your guests while they are at the property.


How do you improve your guests’ experience? I would be happy to hear your tips and tricks.


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  1. Excellent tips for improving guest experience. Also making their favorite food will make them feel good.

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