7 Days of Vacation Resolutions

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Happy New Year.

Hope last night’s celebration was as effervescent as your glass of Cristalino (which is what we were drinking, thank you very much).

In 2009, we won’t bore you with cliched resolutions to lose weight–that’s between you and your bathroom scale. What we will bring you: Seven days of vacation resolutions, because getting away is a proven formula for improving one’s outlook on life.

Need to better your golf game? A great reason to spend more time a Myrtle Beach vacation condo. Want to finally explore wine country? Whisk your wife away to a Napa vacation villa.

There’s no time like ’09. So without further delay, the first resolution:

Be more spontaneous.

Apart from the initial planning, that’s what vacations are all about, right? In that spirit, we spun the veritable VacationHomeRentals.com globe and landed at this St. Maarten vacation home. The pool is prime for relaxation. Catch some rays while yachts and cruise ships sail by, then take the rental car that’s included in the reservation on a spin around Pelican Key.

For the best value, book for April 16 and on and save almost 50 percent off the winter price at $1,700 a week.

Now that’s a first resolution worthy of another toast.

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