A California Beach Rental in Slick, Chic Malibu

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Let’s forget this recession business for one minute and pretend our bank accounts are so fat that we never have to check our balances on a daily basis or save up to buy a new pair of Hudson Jeans.

Let’s act like we have movie star friends and jet set between coasts to stay at places like this California vacation rental. Maybe we’re so A-list that Jennifer and Courtney want to come over to our house when we’re in town. Maybe they have house envy.

Alright, I’m not buying it either.

At any rate, it’s not unreasonable to think that you might run into the stars around these parts, given that “This and other neighborhood homes have frequently been rented to some of the most famous names in show business,” according to the listing. Reserving a vacation home rental in Malibu affords you access only insiders have.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom beach rental is like Scarlet Johannson–it doesn’t need makeup to look smashing. Its understated living room with killer views of the Pacific allows the natural beauty to shine through. Downstairs find a bonus studio with kitchenette, sofa bed, bathroom, sauna and private beach access.

That last component is key, you know, for all the paparazzi trying to snag photos of you.

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