A Canada Vacation Rental of few Words

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I grew up in a beach town, yet barely went to the beach. As an adult, I live closer to Canada than ever, yet have never been.

That might change. I found the perfect Canada vacation rental.

Check out this cute little Nova Scotia vacation home. There’s barely a description and just three photos, but its quiet charm speaks to me. The dining room, fashioned in nothing but timber all around, strikes me as a lovely spot for a home-cooked meal and tea time with girlfriends. And much to my surprise, the kitchen comes with all the stainless modern appliances we kitchen snobs are used to cooking with – this is not some 19th century backwoods shack.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom beach rental (The sand is just two minutes away) might not be the type of home for the Type A, must-know-everything-beforehand vacation planner, but for anyone up for a getaway without all the luxe amenities, the cottage could be that spontaneous jolt your romance or attitude needed.

I’m seeing a writer’s retreat in my future. And you know where.

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  1. i;d love to spend my vacation in canada!!

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