A Hawaii Vacation Rental at a Heavenly Price

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This beauty, one of many tempting Hawaii vacation rentals on our site, goes on my bucket list.

Blame it on my mama, but I tend to look at the cost first before even pondering any purchase. Why flirt with hurt if you can’t afford it? But with the way fares are going, come next August, I might be able to swing this trip to this Big Island two-bedroom, two-bath condo for just $899 a week.

The property owner describes the setting as 1880s Hawaiian village complete with lush landscaping, multiple barbecue grills to host your own luau and thatched huts. The kids won’t be bored–like they could be in this tropical oasis–with all the extracurriculars like lei and jewelry making, canoe crafting, plus a sarong demonstration to properly tie one for yourself. Because a tropical outfit isn’t complete without an orchid in your hair and a bright-colored sarong.

On Aloha Tuesdays, the host offers complimentary PUPUS (snacks), live entertainment and hula lessons. The units have indoor kitchens and are conveniently located near a grocery store and Walmart just in case Junior runs out of Pull-Ups.

Now, let’s just pray that the fares continue their downward trend. I can hear the ukuleles now …

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