A Student Summer Abroad

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Dear Parents,

I know the recent grad in your family is a major accomplishment for you too. From making sure your student had all the right books, all the right coaches, and all the right gear, to showing up to the games and the art shows, you did a lot right along side your child.

How are you going to celebrate?

Send the kid away! Get your house back! Have a quiet dinner at home together. Kiss and hold hands. You got your baby to graduate, so pat yourselves on the back.

A summer abroad is exactly what your child needs to be prepared for college. Travel broadens the mind, helps young people appreciate the luxuries of their culture, and is a great intermediate step between high school and university study. In today’s competitive job market and even tougher graduate school programs, life abroad can give your student’s curriculum vitae the edge to stand out from the crowd. Send your student to the birth place of our language and modern technology: Rome!

Your student can live like a student in this tight and tidy Roman flat, conveniently located near the train to the city center. This is a studio style apartment with a compact European kitchen. The gorgeous 7th floor view and balcony are charming touches. The location is perfect for living the between-schools lifestyle. The city center, the Ancient Roman Forum, The Vatican, and Renaissance landmarks like the Sistine Chapel are all a short bus ride. Plenty of street markets and eateries will keep your darling child well fed on healthy Mediterranean food. And, even though you probably don’t want to think about it, there are great night clubs just down the street.

So send your grad out into the world with confidence. This is a great way to prepare him or her for the road ahead. You might get lucky and have a bilingual chef in your kitchen making you the best pappardelle ever come fall.

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