A Vacation Home Rental for all Seasons

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I have a few friends who went away to their Michigan or Wisconsin vacation homes this weekend, or shall I say, vacation homes their parents own. I’m in love with the romance of that–vacationing at the same lake house every summer–and frankly, I’m also a little bit jealous.

Once again, Crain’s Chicago Business validated the story that’s become all too common in 2008: People are staying closer to home and taking shorter vacations to curb costs and protect their job security.

As a result, Harbor County, Michigan vacation homes like this one have enjoyed a boom in bookings this summer, and I’d bet they could continue during fall, winter and spring if property owners play their cards right.

Whether it’s a huge backyard for kids (and adults) to throw the ball around, a gourmet kitchen for cooking up that anniversary dinner or a stone fireplace to huddle around when temps do a freefall, your homes’ best assets should be showcased on your listings. It might even be worth it to adjust your photos and property amenities according to the season to promote your home during the off season.

Because now that the economy is hurting, would-be renters will be looking for reasons to justify giving up those hard-earned dollars.

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