Adorable Vacation Cottage in Key West

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My brother-in-law, the lucky -itch, is stealing away next weekend to Key West.

I’m embarrassed to say that I never visited the Keys despite having lived in Florida for four years. Shameful.

He’s taking his girlfriend on a romantic vacation. Knowing him, he’ll probably book his flight the day before. The bachelor doesn’t own a computer–and why would he–because life barely spills outside a one-mile radius. He lives so close to work he could walk if he wanted to.

When I bumped into this Key West vacation condo rental, I immediately thought of him. The Heron isn’t about frills, but it isn’t shabby either. The space, literally within steps of the Keys’ nightlife epicenter, Duval Street, makes the most of its one-bedroom, one-bathroom space and has a patio, fish pond and shared pool to boot.

The white tile floor throughout reminds me of my bro-in-law’s own Tampa kitchen. There’s a microwave (perfect for heating up late-night munchies) and coffee maker for warming up water for tea to coax his body out of a hangover. Stove, too.

I’m not sure he’ll have the time or interest in visiting the Ripleys Believe It or Not! Museum or deep sea fishing, but both activities are certainly available should he get tired of doing body shots on Duval. And while location is convenient, the vacation cottage isn’t “so close that crowds are a nuisance,” says Berkeley, Calif., resident Robert Riggs.

Good, because tea drinking requires quiet time. Right, Adrian?

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