Alaska Vacation Homes for Reindeer Games

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With Christmas less than two months away, you’d better believe that the retail blasts will be on, whether that’s your inbox, television or weekly circulars. But presents aside, what do the holidays mean to you?

For moi, it’s the lights, the tree, bundling up and stuffing my face, but I’m open to creating new traditions with my own family. Would that include travel? Maybe.

In my quest for a non-traditional idea for the holidays, I found the Alaska vacation rental above, quite possibly the most affordable vacation home I’ve stumbled across in 276 posts or so. The log cabin rents for just $375 a week until May 15, 2010. The adorable cottage sits on Cottonwood Lake, where rainbow trout are yours for the catching (or releasing, if you’re merely into the sport). It’s pretty cold now (28 degrees, teens at night), which is why the deal is so good, but for you tropical climate dwellers, a winter in Alaska may just be the novelty you need.

Everyone in Florida has seen a pink flamingo, but what about the Aurora Borealis, which dances across the sky in spearmint, indigo and fuchsia swirls? Or what about a real reindeer? (Nature geeks, I know they’re called caribou in the U.S.)

Ask Santa for a Patagonia coat for Christmas, and head up North. Now that’s going rogue.

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