America’s Most Walkable Cities–From the Bottom up

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When any publication releases its “hit lists,” my first reaction is to scan for my city (Chicago), then shake my head in agreement or reach with pure disdain (like the time named the Windy City as one of the most miserable places to live in the U.S.–a link that was heavily circulated in my Facebook network, and by a New Yorker no less.).

This week, Prevention magazine got it right with its report on the 25 Best Walking Cities. Not only were the obvious on the list (San Francisco, New York and Chicago–yay!), but medium-sized towns earned spots, too (Minneapolis, Columbus, Rochester).

Because the “winners” always get play, I’d like to focus on the bottom five, and why you’d want to pack your New Balances while vacationing there. Oh, and that picture above, that’s Seattle, which ranked No. 7. Who wouldn’t want to walk along that copper-hued horizon?

25. Tuscon
Prevention loved its user-activated pedestrian lights. Find your Tuscon vacation home here.

24. Sacramento
Sac-town is lauded for participating in PARK(ing) Day, where the city temporarily transforms parking lots into green spaces. Find your Sacramento vacation rental here.

23. Austin
Along with a killer live music scene, Austin boasts 50 miles of scenic paths. Scope out our Austin vacation homes now.

22. New Orleans
Those wrought-iron fences, historic mansions and colorful locals are worth racking up your pedometers. Scan our New Orleans vacation homes.

21. Columbus
A city without at least 10 parks is shameful. Columbus has hundreds, including one that recreated the famous Seurat painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” Beat that.

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