An Active Flagstaff Vacation

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Our blogger Kendra is on a road trip across the United States. Check back here for weekly updates on her trip. Today she writes about her Flagstaff vacation.

Flagstaff is known as a winter paradise with awesome skiing and snowboarding. Driving there in the summer I didn’t know what expect and wondered if the popular winter vacation spot would have anything to offer. Turns out it had more than I could even imagine.

First thing I noticed when entering Flagstaff was the activity. Bike and walking paths go through most of the city and everyone is out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather and mountain views.

The city was built on the railroad industry and trains still pass through daily. The downtown is sweet with old fashioned stores and signage straight out of the 50s. Flagstaff was on Route 66 and you can still see the imprint the famous highway made.

Right outside of the city is Coconino National Forest which has biking, hiking, ATVing, jet skiing, and swimming if you’re daring. Lake Mary is a gorgeous man-made lake nestled between the pines and mountains. I took a swim and got chilled by the very cold water. Luckily the 90 degree air means you’re dry in minutes. Check out this sunset from Coconino National Forest:


coconino forest flagstaff az

Side note: curly haired ladies and gentlemen, get ready for perfect hair in Flagstaff. The dry air means NO frizz! After I figured this out I considered moving!

Another thing to keep in mind when planning activities in Flagstaff is the altitude. Flagstaff is about 7000 feet above sea level. If you aren’t used to that even the most menial tasks can be tiring. On my first day there I walked down a boat ramp to feel the water in Lake Mary (it was cold). When I turned around and started walking up the boat ramp I felt like I was climbing mountain. It takes a few days to get used to the altitude so expect some exhaustion in the first few days of your trip and plan accordingly.

Would you enjoy a Flagstaff vacation? Would you rather go in summer or winter? Next week I’ll tell you about my Grand Canyon hiking adventure which involved a lot of sweat and would have had tears if I wasn’t trying to conserve water.


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