An Architect’s Haunted House

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In preparation for Halloween we are telling scary stories! Frank Lloyd Wright the amazing modern architect is inspiring our story telling. Did you know we have a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright on

Have you ever heard the scary story of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Taliesin? Wright built the home Taliesin in 1911 to share with his lover, Mamah Borthwick. In September of 1914, Wright was in Chicago and Borthwick and her two children were staying in Taliesin.

While the household ate dinner a servant, Julian Carlton, locked all the doors and windows and set the home ablaze. He stood outside the possible escapes with a hatchet and murdered the household as they fled the house. In total eight were killed, with only two survivors. Read more about the horrifying history here.

Ahhh.. scares me just to write about it. Do you know any haunted house stories? Share them with us in the comments.


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