And the Nominees for Best Picture are..

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It’s award season and last night at the Oscars Argo won Best Picture. I love award season because it combines posh style, strange clothing choices, and shiny gold things. It’s doesn’t seem fair to leave all the fun to the celebrities, so we are having our own award ceremony. Here are the seven nominees for Best Picture:

1. The beach at this Maui home rental looks like paradise.



2. Keeping cozy by the fireplace in this Park City Utah vacation home wouldn’t be hard.



3. This Texas Hill Country tent house has remarkable views of the rolling hillsides.



4. This Pocono’s townhouse rental has an awesome view of a creek in winter.



5. This Destin vacation home has an awesome beach.



6. This Santa Barbara home rental has a gorgeous pool and landscaping.



7. This Kennebec cabin rental has the cutest raft floating on the lake



Now it’s up to you! Which photo should win Best Picture? Comment with the number of your favorite photo or tweet it to us @VacaHomeRentalsWe will let you know the big winner next week! 

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9 Responses to And the Nominees for Best Picture are..

  1. Terry says:

    #6 – Santa Barbara is my pick

  2. Erica Horst-Van der Linden says:

    I love the Santa Barbara picture the best; although I usually live in Sarasota County in the winter!

  3. Erica Horst-Van der Linden says:

    I love the Santa Barbara picture the best!

  4. A hard choice but #1… I love the ocean water views!

  5. jeandopler says:

    #2 – wish I was there!

  6. Carrie says:

    I agree #3 looks like an amazing view and a unique adventure.

  7. Susan says:

    Tough choice but I’m going with #3.

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