August Escapes: New York Vacation Rentals

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The Obamas–Bo included–will be vacationing in a Martha’s Vineyard rental at the end of August. The 28-acre farm rents for $50,000 a week and sports a pool, beach, underground movie theater, golf practice tee and–good thing for Barack–a basketball court.

Am just a wee bit jealous, but aren’t we all?

The president made a good point, though. Just because these are trying times for Americans doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take out quality time to spend with his daughters. In fact, we should all be doing that if we can–slowing down, getting back to each other–and it doesn’t have to involve a $20-million estate.

My vote goes to New York vacation rentals in the Adirondacks. A dip in the database surfaced this  Chateaugay Lake vacation home, which sits right on the water and spoils guests with glimpses of eagles, heron, osprey and moose, lists for a manageable $650 a week through the end of September.

In quiet moments, you’ll sizzle steaks on the grill, drink beer on the deck or fish. Hate sitting down? Get your heart rate going while kayaking or hiking one of the many trails nearby. Another plus: For an additional fee, you’ll be able to take your own pooch on vacation, too.

Just like the Obamas.

See, you’re more like them after all.

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