Baby’s First Beach Trip

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Travel with a new baby can seem like a daunting task, but it’s time to face the music. Spring is about to be sprung, and you deserve a beach vacation. Plus, who doesn’t melt at a photo of a baby in the sand in a swim diaper? Here are some ways to make that first beach trip with your little one easy and enjoyable.

Choose a beach that is guaranteed to be warm

While the coast in Maine sure is pretty in August, it’s not the best beach vacation in March. Gulf Coast beaches are a safe bet for early spring. And aren’t they pretty? Check out this private beach in Galveston:


Skip the baby gear

It might seem impossible to travel without all the doohickeys, but it can be done. Most airlines do not charge to check car seats, so drop that at the check-in counter. Things like high chairs, strollers, and bassinets come in a variety of “travel” options. Skip them. Stay some place that comes complete with baby gear.This luxury condo in Destin fits the bill. High chair, playpen, and stroller are included. Figure in the 3240 square feet of living space, and you’ve got a recipe for quiet time and baby naps.


Bring Gran or Auntie

Here’s an idea: have a dinner out with your spouse while you’re on vacation and let junior sleep at the beach house. Certainly you have a family member who would love to play nanny and get a free vacation. College aged cousins are also a good choice for a take along. This beach house in Oceanside, California has plenty of room for your nanny and a jacuzzi where she can unwind after a night of babysitting.


Full Fridge, Full Kitchen

Travel with children requires a great deal of food no matter what their ages. The motel mini-fridge is not going to cut it. You can’t have yogurt cups and Dad’s beer competing for cold space. A vacation home will always be a best bet for accommodation. Check out this gourmet kitchen with a view of the beach.


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  1. We took our 6 month old to the beach. He’s 3 now… it was a great experience. And it does take a lot of planning to pull it off.

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