Baby’s First Vacation: Tips for New Mothers

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For parents with an infant, the idea of going away on vacation can be beyond daunting. As much as you want to get away, the how-to is as illusive as a 5-hour chunk of uninterrupted sleep. Here are some great ideas to help you plan a vacation you and your little one can enjoy together.

1. Rent a house. Hotels are not baby friendly. Period. Noises on the other side of the wall will destroy nap time. Elevators, shower stalls, and a mini-fridge are not the comforts of home. In fact, they aren’t even practical for a family traveling with an infant. So choose a vacation home that has the amenities you need as well as the privacy your baby needs to rest.

2. Rent a house with a crib. If you are driving, don’t waste all your trunk space shoving the Pack-n-Play in. Plenty of vacation homes are equipped for young families. Also, since many vacation homes have a “kids room” set up, your little bundle of joy will have a nice quiet room all to himself. You’ll do even better to find a rental that has other baby necessities ready for you. This Orlando, Florida villa is a great example of a baby-ready vacation home. It comes with a crib as well as a high chair and even a stroller. Perfect for families flying with their infant!

3. You need a washer and dryer. And not the coin operated ones at a hotel. The likelihood of your darling getting the both of you soaking wet is high. Have appliances handy.

4. You need a kitchen. The little microwave and mini coffee pot at a hotel is not going to cut it. You and your baby need fresh food and a place to prepare it. Even if you manage to eat out at some of the delicious local restaurants near you vacation rental home, having sippy cups of juice or milk in the fridge just makes sense.

5. Pick a place that has amenities for Mom to enjoy. A hot tub, a king sized bed so you can stretch out, an on-site private pool so you can swim a few laps before your beautiful babe wakes up in the morning, or maybe a sunny patio to relax. The vacation is about the whole family relaxing, so give yourself a break.

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  1. When I first traveled with my 6 month old baby I would ask my parents to travel along with us. This allows some much needed rest for my husband and I. Many resorts offer nannies for the day or night.

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