Beach Rentals Battle: Hawaii vs. Florida

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Judging from the popular search terms on this site, it’s clear that the readership favors one sugary coastline over the other.

Tweet me which and why @ checkincheckout–I’m curious to know what you think.

My bet’s on Hawaii for its shimmery waterfalls, monster waves and all-around Aloha spirit. They greet strangers with leis, man. Can you beat that? And now’s the time to go thanks to the most affordable fares in recent years. Package those flights with a Hawaii vacation rental, and you’re off to experience paradise and all its quirks, like a plate of spam, rice and macaroni salad, staples of the Hawaiian diet.

Not to take anything away from Florida, which is like paradise in a can. Tourists can count on it every time for the sizzling heat, cheap airfares–because really, what airport doesn’t fly to Florida?–and a trove of lodging options. From Destin condos to South Beach vacation rentals, the getaway is sure to please a variety of consumers–without the jetlag.

It’s your turn, though. Tweet me your answers and I’ll let you have the mic.

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