Best Beaches Of Cape Cod

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Choosing a place to spend my vacation is difficult. My bucket list has at least 500 places on it: I am not exaggerating. Some nights I will spend hours browsing through Pinterest and dreaming of beaches, mountains, and historical sights. The world is amazing! I want to see every waterfall, every rock, every beach, and every single thing that is worthy of snapping a photo of. If only I had an endless supply of money….

This brings me to Cape Cod. This place is truly incredible, no matter what time of year you decide to go. It is one of those places in the world that everyone should see. The sunsets, water, and views make you stop and breathe in the moment, and the countless activities keep you entertained. Even history can be found in traces on the sand. Finding the beach for you is the fun part. Here are the five best beaches in Cape Cod that will spark your interest and complete your vacation.

Old Silver Beach

Old Silver Beach is one of the most popular beaches for both locals and tourists. As a very family-friendly environment, it is easy to park, get to the beach, use the clean restrooms, and grab a bite to eat. The sand is that perfect white color and feels so good on the feet. The water is warm and is shallow with a gradual drop-off, making it a safe place for kids to play. Even if you decide to not get in the water, the views are amazing, along with the crash of gentle waves.

Sandwich Town Beach

Take a cute little boardwalk down to the beach, and spend the day enjoying the peaceful sound of ocean waves and searching for pieces of ship wreckage. An adorable town is right there, making it easy to eat, shop, and explore the beach for an entire day. The gorgeous setting of ocean and lights is ideal for walking along the water at night and is why this is one of the best beaches in Cape Cod.

Sandy Neck Beach

This is the longest beach in Cape Cod and captures a variety of scenery. Located on the Cape side in Barnstable, you can enjoy the long beach front, the town, or exploring the trees and brush. I love hiking and checking out new places, but trying the beach out on an ATV is an entirely new experience for adventure-seekers.

Bristol Beach

This beach does not have your typical white sand terrain but instead is made of rocks and crushed shells. That doesn’t take away from the beauty from the creek, ocean, and lush landscape. The small waves make it safe for kids to play in the water and swim safely. I love looking for shells and wildlife hiding beneath the rocks and swimming in the tide pools.

Head of the Meadow Beach

No matter what beach you decide to spend one or several days at, this is a museum beach that must be seen. I can try to explain how cool it is, but you really need to see it for yourself. Hundreds of years ago when ships would sink or crash, the wreckage would wash right onto the shores of this beach. As you walk across the sand, you will see different pieces of the ships. The best time to go is during low tide so more ship remains can be found.

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