Best Clearwater Vacation Rentals for Boat Envy

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Pretty soon, all your Florida friends will be gloating about taking their boats out, while you, meanwhile, will be battling subzero temps and razorlike wind.

Oh, if only everyday life was a cruise on the warm waters of the Gulf …

Well there’s no stopping you from taking a fall vacation.

During a spin around Clearwater Beach vacation rentals, we spotted this amazing snapshot of the property owner’s actual dock. The listing leads with the photo, and rightly so, as not every Floridian has direct access to such luxuries. For vacation home renters who fish or water ski, having that extra, plus a boat lift to set that baby to sail, saves a lot of headaches.

The three-bedroom home boasts a few Florida touches, from the palm-inspired dining room set to the wicker furniture in the waterfront room. Close to the famous Caladesi Beach, its location could not be more ideal for long strolls on the sugary sand or along the multimillion dollar Beach Walk, which won’t be overrun with tourists this time of year.

Don’t forget to heed the owner’s advice to swim, enjoy the sunset or a pina colada.

Yes, m’aam.

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