Bluebonnet Heaven in Texas

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Spring is here which means bluebonnet season in Texas. I just saw a New York Times article on bluebonnets and the craze that comes with their blooming. Are you ready for bluebonnet heaven in Texas?

photo from jeffphotog1

Have you seen any whimsical photos of children running through fields of blue on your newsfeed yet?According to the article people jumping fences to pose with the Texas state flower is not uncommon. Bluebonnet seems to be a big YOLO moment. Trespassing.. eh? Fire ants… who cares?

But getting a photo with the lovely flowers doesn’t have to be so dangerous. This home in Texas Hill Country has it’s own bluebonnets and their blooming now!


bluebonnets in texas hill country


What do you think about posing with the baby blues? Is the hype worth it?


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