Blues be Gone at a Mexico Beach Rental

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In honor of National Margarita Day (and where else, besides the aforementioned Keys, would you want to be sipping the cocktail anyway), let’s take a trip to this Tulum vacation rental.

Dubbed “Blue Sky,” this Mexican getaway is boutique chic with its cool palette of periwinkle, cornflower blue and white suites, plus ocean views to keep your camera’s memory card full. Rent a room for two to four people or the whole hotel for up to 20 guests.

Brides on a budget, consider having a beachfront ceremony here, then an intimate reception complete with mariachi singer. And talk about convenience: If you keep your affair small, all your guests can stay at the hotel.

While other Cancun vacation rentals boast all-inclusive packaging, where drinks, meals and accommodation are factored into the price, this hotel does not offer such pricing, but the rates are still affordable, averaging $140 a night for most of the year. Choose from a standard room for two with beach and pool access, a junior suite or a two-bedroom master suite on the second floor.

But don’t go stuffing that suitcase with Ramen noodles just yet. There’s on-site restaurant with a decent-sized menu of Italian and Mexican classics, from Huevos Rancheros to Pasta Carbonara.

A continental breakfast comes with the stay if you don’t mind just toast, fruit, granola and yogurt. That’s OK. A lighter meal means you’ll look trimmer in that bikini.

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