Brand new Beach Rental in Virginia Beach

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Every year I enter that damn HGTV Dream Home giveaway, and every year I lose.

I don’t need a big house, just a quaint escape like this Sandbridge beach vacation home with stainless steel appliances, long breakfast bar, patio, in-ground pool, gas grill, tons of natural light, etc. OK, so a big house.

Oh, and preferably never lived in and near my hometown of Virginia Beach, Va.

Because everyone likes to be the first one in a home, no? Or a first in anything.

I’m digging the seafoam-colored walls, modern lighting fixtures and tasteful wooden furniture. And talk about space. It sleeps 14. How you, your uncle, his son, your sister-in-law, mother and more want to divvy up shower times you’ll have to figure out on your own. As big as it is, the vacation home has just three showers, not counting the outdoor one.

Sandbridge appeals to me overall for its non-touristy feel. Read=There is no “scene” here, unless you count watching surfers or fishing. A total of three restaurants, one yogurt shop and two local bars complete this manageable beach town.

I’m ready to break this vacation home in. Are you?

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