Bring the Kids to Work

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Business travel can mean long family separations for working parents who travel frequently, but it doesn’t have to. Children in the workplace are becoming increasingly more common. Many mothers of infants return to work with their babies. The from the advent of “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” to child care centers in the office, companies are taking notice of the family’s role in business success. So how do you take your kids on a business trip? The answer is easier than you think.

A vacation home rental is exactly what you need to bring the family along. From major business districts to rural retreats, chances are, there is a vacation home perfect for your family near your next big meeting. And when you’re traveling with your whole pack, let’s face it, those tiny executive suite style hotels are not going to cut it. You need a home base with a full kitchen, a real washer and dryer, and a spot for the baby to take a nap.

Baltimore is a bustling business city and only 30 minutes to DC. This historic garden home is a prime location for balancing business and family travel. The home is across the street from a State Park, making it the perfect spot for enjoying nature while you finish up the details of a contract. After a hard day’s work on the road you’ll come “home” to this gorgeous garden for a home cooked meal al fresco.

As a business owner, the idea of your team towing the family might seem strange at first. On closer examination, encouraging family business trips is a great boon to your long range goals. Studies have long shown that family men are great employees: they stay with a company for the long-haul, they work more hours, and they require fewer sick days. Family friendly business travel could be the next step in attracting great people to your growing team. And your finance department will be pleased to see that many private rentals are a greater value than hotels.

If NYC is a frequent stop for your traveling execs, check out a stylish studio or one bedroom apartment instead of a hotel. An apartment like this is a fun twist on vacation living for a family on business. Send the spouse and kids to Central Park or to window shop on 5th Avenue. Everything is just steps away. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of home in Manhattan style efficiency. And the price can’t be beat! At $150 a night, this an many other NYC area vacation rentals are perfect for budget business travel.

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