Business Travel is Fitness Travel

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So many of us make fitness resolutions in the new year because our busy careers seem to always take the front seat. Is there really any time to exercise when you’re traveling coast to coast, flying the red eye, and hoping time zones? If you’ve hired a personal trainer or delved into a fitness book, you know that reaching your fitness goal is about changing your thinking first. Change your thinking on business travel; call it fitness travel. It’s out with the old and in with the new for 2012.

Hotel gym vs. Real gym

A hotel gym may seem like a Fitness Travel choice, but it’s a Fitness Trap. How many other execs have gotten up at the crack of dawn to get on the one and only elliptical trainer? The limited offerings and hundreds of guests mean it’s “slim pickin’s” for equipment. This apartment in San Francisco’s financial district is exactly what you need for Fitness Travel. The facility gym is so well equipped, you can even sign up for classes with a fitness instructor while you’re there. Soak in the hot tub and take a few laps in the Olympic sized pool. Staying in shape while on a business trip doesn’t get more turn-key than this.

Rent a car vs. Stay closer and walk

If you’ve got business in the Windy City, stay right on Michigan Avenue and skip the rental car. Walking is easier in the city than finding a parking space. You’ll burn a few extra calories and have a chance to get some air. This chic Chicago executive apartment is in a prime location and has amenities aimed at business travelers. If you want more opportunities to take to your feet, Lincoln Park is just across the street, so enjoy a jog during your trip.

Chow down at a greasy spoon vs. Healthy meals at home

Restaurant food seems mighty tasty until you get on the scale. All the added fats, fillers, and sugars will catch up with you. Stay somewhere with a full kitchen, and enjoy healthy “home” cooked meals while you’re away. This studio on 86th Street has exactly what you need to make fabulous healthy food during our business trip. NYC is known for its fine eateries, but make this Fitness Trip about celebrating fresh street markets.




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