California Beach Rental: The Power of Photos

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If you’re reading this post and feel like you’re experiencing deja vu, you’d only be partially correct. Yes, a previous blog referred to selling your vacation home through images, a theme worth repeating if you’re finding it tough to find renters.

This particular Manhattan Beach vacation rental (an example of one of two one-bedroom units that can be rented separately or together) pops – not for its size or splashiness – but because the pictures parade it well. Would you want to be sitting at that high-top with your honey, enjoying the glow of the sexy Manhattan Beach Pier? The photographer positioned the wine glasses ever so perfectly, and thought about lighting, too.

The exterior shots don’t bear the professional photographer’s logo, but do an excellent job of showcasing location. Vacation home owners, don’t just tell folks where your property is: Back it up with pictures. Here, would-be renters know that the condo is across from the famous Strand, a paved beach path known as a hangout for roller bladers, skaters and surfers.

People who click on the listing are sure to appreciate the image of Shellback Tavern, a dive bar where locals spend lazy afternoons with Budweiser, arcade games and the jukebox.

Big ups to this property owner for uploading polished, professional photos and local insidery tips.

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